Judy and Ken Chinn – Waterloo, Illinois

Dear Cleary Buildings,

We recently had a building built by your company and wanted to let you know how happy we were with the whole process. It all started when I picked up a business card at the county Fair.  The salesman was Butch Sparwasser.  We contacted him and he promptly gave us all the information we needed.  We have done all of our construction at our home place for the last 30+ years, so this was a big decision to make.  Butch was very understanding and helped us to design my husband Ken’s dream building/shop.

Then came the construction.  We were introduced to our crew:  Foreman Eric Ford, Shannon Tally, and Tyler Sasse.  I have been in Corporate America a long time.  These three men are the most hard working, professional, and dedicated employees I have ever met.  There was never any loafing around.  They worked from the moment they got to our property until the moment they left.  You can tell by their work ethic that they are dedicated to the project and take their positions seriously.  I cannot tell you how pleased we are with their workmanship.  My husband and I would like to suggest that they receive some sort of bonus for their great job.  They give 110% to their project and are a true asset to Cleary Buildings.  We are also asking that this letter be put into their human resources file as a record of a job well done.

I took many photos of the project and would be willing to share them with your company.  Thank you for a pleasing building experience.  We could not be happier.  This Cleary building will serve generations of the Chinn Family.

Warm regards,

Judy V. Chinn