Monica Gray – Mountain Home, ID

60x90x16 (2009153500)

“Hello Mr. Johnson: It was a real pleasure to meet you, especially on the day my indoor arena was completed. I think that you will agree that you have a winning Cleary team here in made up of Marcus, Dave and Rick the builder. Now that I have my indoor arena there is no down time lost due to weather, heat, wind or rain. I thought I would pass on to you some things I especially like. I absolutely love the lighting, especially the west gable lighting. I strongly recommend this to every horse owner. The building is very quiet, and tight, no wind whistling through, and the door allows the horses to feel like they are not enclosed. I love my walk door, exactly what I wanted. We have had heavy downpours and not one leak in the roof! It is truly a dream come true. Marcus provided me outstanding customer service. Marcus and Dave went out of their way to answer all my questions on my first visit with them. They spent 3 hours helping me design and develop my dream on paper. Whenever I had a question they couldn’t answer, when they said they would research it and get back to me, they did. Now that is first class customer service. They never once made me feel stupid when I asked questions about building that I wanted to understand better. What a winning team. Rick my builder; gosh I can’t say enough great things about him as well. Rick runs a good crew; there was no complaining, cursing or tempers. They really worked well together and seem to have a good time doing it; they cleaned up and secured everything every night before they went home and Rick even explained things to me when I asked. Very, very professional. I can’t stress enough that this entire Cleary crew from Marcus, Dave and Rick are a great asset to Cleary. Thank you Cleary and thank you to Marcus, Dave and Rick. You made my dream come true. You can’t see it in the picture but I had tears in my eyes.”